Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Rebirth

I am not into gardening or landscaping. So why yellow garden hose, you ask? I coined the term back when I was a lowly, malnourished, and over studied ECE reviewee. It was one of those dreary hot afternoons when my room mates (college buddies and fellow reviewees) and I decided to surf the net so we could get some air-conditioning and at the same time get a break from the endless reading, analysis, and problem-solving. Before going to the Internet cafe, we were listening to Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter.

I don’t know what inspired me then but I decided to start a blog. I couldn’t come up with a name right there and then so I looked around for inspiration. I was seated beside the window and the girl to my right was giggling every other minute, flirting with her chat mate in broken English. I looked to my left and there lying on the garden floor was an ordinary green hose. Yellow Ledbetter + Green Garden Hose. So I came up with Yellow Garden Hose. I don’t know about you but I actually haven’t seen a yellow hose. I grew up seeing only green and pale red ones.

That first blog died containing only one entry. I was class mayor/president, you see, and it was nearing exam day so I wrote something encouraging my classmates not to give up and to do well in the exams.

Now that I’ve decided to start (and hopefully maintain) a blog, I will use the same name because I could not come up with any other that's “cool”. Haha!

Welcome to my personal sounding board!