Monday, October 12, 2009

Straight From the Heart (I bet ye can hear Bryan Adams in yer head!)

It's times like these you learn to live again
It's times like these you give and give again

It's times like these you learn to love again

-Foo Fighters
, "Times Like These"

In the darkest hours of my life by far, I wouldn't have pulled through unscathed if it weren't for you. I'm forever grateful.


You could've just stood there to watch but you chose to help knowing that I was alone and desperately hysterical. You're my understated hero.


There's more to you than meets the eye. Who could've known you'd be so good at rescue? You were amazing.

I called you up only to let you know that I couldn't report for work. I didn't ask for nor expect your help but you gave it nonetheless. After Thursday, I'll put up with you on anything, and I mean anything. :)


You spurred me into action and got me out of the stupor I was initially in. I've always known you could be relied upon and that's why I called you first. Thank you for not letting me down and for not letting distance get in the way.


Again, you have shown that we're not bestfriends for nothing. You always know what to do.Thank you for taking care of me.

and Paul
You're my most favorite couple in the world (after my parents).Thank you for coming to my rescue. Knowing that you were near put me at ease.

and Maniya (Kambal sa Uma)

Unexpected but much appreciated help that came in double. Thank you for staying with me and for getting my mind off what was happening.

Sonny Boy

You came late but you came and that's what's important. I appreciate you helping me carry my things back to the house. Bug-at ang dresser sah? =D

and Martin

We do not know each other yet you were willing to come to my aid for your friend. Thank you. Never doubt that Glenn will do the same.

Mae Ann

Thank you for heeding my request of not letting our parents know what was going on. You know how our mother can be. I must have had you worried out of your wits. I'll take care of myself better. :)

Uncle Efren

Thank you for reminding me that I have a family here.

, Nina, Kirk, Borj, Sher, Dana, Dhon, Jenny

Thank you for checking how I was doing and for asking how you could be of help. Your concern warmed my heart. I'm fortunate to call you friends.

and Man2

Your joint efforts were instrumental in having the twins contact me. Thank you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Team RuBu: Pink October Run 2009

Team RuBu: Pink October Run '09

With all of it’s founding members (Yogi Hen, Baller Coyote, and Raymond St. John) already not connected with the company, it took almost a year for the Running Buddies to get together again and to continue the goal of making a mark in the world of fun runs. I didn’t mean that in the competitive sense, let me make myself clear. I did say fun runs, right? I'm not discounting our abilities but I'd like to think of us as avid supporters only. Although we do have colleagues who can compete with Cebu’s top runners, most of us, including yours truly, join for the fun, the cause, and the activity itself. Fun runs make for great pictures and you get to rub elbows with local celebrities plus, you get to run side-by-side with a lot of eye candies. That's fun with a capital F!

Cool singlet

Pink October Run, organized by the Philippine College of Surgeons - Cebu Eastern Visayas Chapter with the help of Rotary Club of Cebu Fuente and Cebu Gloria Maris was held yesterday with the start and finish lines at The Terraces, Ayala Center. This was the first event in a series of sports activities lined up for the month of October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

RuBu with Donna Cruz-Larrazabal

I was slightly hesitant to join due to lack of practice but Pink October Run was so worthy a cause to support. If we waste money on a pointless drinking spree which leaves us with fewer brain cells, then surely, we can spare just Php150 to support the Breast Cancer Movement. With only four days before the run, I was able to convince 13 people to join. Apparently, I haven't lost my touch. Not everyody made an appearance but 11 participants from our group (including 3 friends from Stream Global Services, formerly, Etelecare) is quite a good turnout.

RuBu with lawyer and broadcaster Heidi Acuña

Half a kilometer and we were already gasping for air due to lack of practice. But none gave up, of course. After the race, dead tired and standing on wobbly legs, we somehow found the energy to pose for pictures. That's fulfillment for you. A hundred pictures, one peach mango pie, one Julie's bread, and a bottled water after, it was unanimously agreed upon that we'll join more fun runs (and we'll make sure to do practice runs).

Cheers to pink health!

Monday, September 28, 2009


You're as sweet as nutty sans rival;
relaxing like a Thai massage.

You're funnier than Rakugo;

more sinful than Balamban liempo.

You're my supreme escape;

my favorite mistake.

You're my greatest release,
always, a bliss.

You're my bane

and my sweetest pain.

Image courtesy of Google images.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

In My Life

I don't often watch Filipino movies, more so in theaters but I gave in this time. My office mates raved about it and one let slip that there was a scene wherein John Lloyd Cruz slapped Vilma Santos. Hmmm, that's something I should see for myself.

The movie does not disappoint. Actually, I'll go as far as to say I loved it. I found myself alternately laughing and crying. I didn't know if there would be a kissing scene between JL and Luis (I was quite sure there would be but none confirmed) and I kept myself alert because if there would be, then I didn't want to see it to spare myself a heart attack. I love JL and seeing him kiss another man is more than I could take. Fortunately, I closed my eyes just in time for the smack. Ha ha!

In My Life is a must see for mothers. I'll be sure to bring a copy the next time I'm home.

Image from


I've had my first taste of the horrors accompanying a canceled flight a week ago. I went home to Mati for my Nic's 8th birthday (which was a blast even if I had quite a scare when more children came than expected. I had visions of them wailing, kicking, and screaming because they didn't have balloons and loot bags. Fortunately for me, I had just the exact number.) and I was scheduled to go back to work by Sept 13 at 7pm. What was supposed to be an uneventful flight turned out to be a series of looong waits and then finally, my first cancellation. I was halfway through Ribblestrop when I started waiting for my flight and by the time I was done, they still haven't confirmed that it would be canceled . When they finally did, my head's pounding because of too much reading and my stomach's rumbling because the last food intake was during lunch. To top everything off, my new LG FM phone went dead on me because I forgot to recharge the blasted thing, just when I needed it most.

The immediate concerns were who'll work on my behalf and where I will stay for the night.
Despite the short notice, GI Joe agreed to work for me so the only problem left was a place to stay while I wait for the new schedule. Cebu Pac offered no free lodging for their stranded passengers because as what I heard from another passenger "it wasn't their fault." Mati is 3 hours north of Davao so going home is not an option. I briefly considered doing a "Tom Hanks" in the movie The Terminal. I ended up being the Luy family's "house pest" for the night. As is expected, they were very welcoming; Xtie's dad offered me everything he could find in the fridge ("Jon naay durian sa ref", "Jon naay ice cream sa ref", "Jon naay biskwit sa ref", "Jon naay hotdog sa ref", "Jon pag-inom ug Milo"), and her mom entertained me with amusing tales of her stint as a realtor. The entire family made me feel as if my stay was planned and I cannot be thankful enough. I've resolved to treat them for dinner the next time they're in Cebu.

Flights were canceled due to NAIA blackout. Dada, my manager, said "it makes you feel ashamed you were born in the Philippines". Strong words but I didn't argue because, really, airports should have power all the time. I was at NB yesterday and I came across Ted Lerner's Hey,Joe. I read briefly the part where his mom visited the country for the first time. He wrote that in the Philippines the unexpected happens. (To quote Ribblestrop: Anything could happen and anything does.) But it's part of the charm, he said, and I quite agree with him.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Open what?

Federer in the dark
Image from

It's the US Open and I'm home. Home means access to ESPN and Star Sports. But home also means retiring as early as 9PM so there will be no live matches for me. Do you happen to know what time replays air? Today, I've had my younger brothers, masters of the remote control depending on which time of the day we're talking about, check hourly for replays but there were none. This is getting frustrating.


Read Zafra's hilarious post about the US Open final between The Fed and DelPo: Kapre o Tikbalang?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jeepney Chronicles: The Totoy Topak Encounter

When I first came to Cebu, my uncle's only advice was to be careful. "Daghan kaayog snatchers ug hold uppers diri day, so dili pwede magtinanga" were his exact words. Having settled here since the 1980s and having been a victim himself, he knows firsthand how dangerous the City can be especially for a sheltered Davaoeña.

Over the years, quite a few of the people I know have fallen prey to these Totoy Topaks. My landlady's necklace was snatched while riding a jeepney; a college classmate's ear bled when a man suddenly grasped one of her earrings; a friend went home with no wallet and a bag slashed open; and I've witnessed officemates in hysterics, while giving account of the mugging they went through. Considering all these, you'd think I would never be lax, but four years of living in relative peace makes you one. It never occurred to me that the day would come when I'd be a victim myself. Well, the thought does enter my mind occasionally but I never acknowledged the possibility which, you could say, is very foolish and somewhat arrogant for somebody who regularly commutes via PUVs.

Indeed, Monday night was an awakening of the most rude kind. It was unfortunate that I had to go through a hold up to admit to myself that I am vulnerable and that I have to be extra careful. So what were the lessons learned? For one, I will be observant and attentive to my surroundings so that in case this happens again, I will have definitive answers to questions such as "Asa man dapit nahitabo?", "Unsa may nawong sa nagkuha?", "Unsa may ilang gisu-ot?". These questions are hard enough to answer when I'm paying attention; harder still when I'm half-asleep. Another thing, I'm not bringing a bulky wallet again. Better safe than sorry, right?

The interview was a struggle. The tanods asked a lot of questions and I didn't want to answer because I was already somewhat catatonic (coping mechanism) and I blanked out (I couldn't recall our home phone number then). It's a good thing there were two of us and that my companion was a chatterbox (on hindsight, it was probably her coping mechanism). If it were just me, I doubt if they could squeeze out details.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Loony Mooony Me

Well, well, well. What have we got here? This is the unplanned souvenir of yesterday's lunch with Kid A and Regina Spektor at Mooon Cafe at The Terraces. I swear I did not do it on purpose. I alternately used this table napkin and my hanky and I DID NOT notice I placed both inside my bag. Ugh, the shame.

The pig out was courtesy of Kid A. He got promoted (it is to remain a secret for now, so no telling please) and he gave in to my demands of a treat. We were going to have lunch at Handuraw; they were supposed to offer buffet lunch and dinner on Sundays but yesterday was different. The place was reserved for a group of people so buffet was available only for dinner. We ended up at Mooon Cafe instead.

It was going to be my first time at Handuraw but apparently, it is not to happen just yet.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jeepney Chronicles in Pictures: Huwag po, huwag po! (No, please no!)

Woman driver
(rushing out of MLhuillier): Sir, ayaw lang sir! Nagbayad ra man ko sa MLhuillier!

CITOM Officer (writing something down): Asa imong lisensiya?

Woman driver (on the verge of tears): Sir, ayaw lang gud sir. Kadali ra man kaayo ko nag-park!

CITOM Officer (with that grave baritone voice): Pakit-a ko sa imong lisensiya.

Oh, the terror CITOM officers induce! Wouldn't you love to wear that uniform?

Breakfast at Jacobo's Bistro

People working at IT Park never run out of options on where to eat for breakfast. There's McDonald's which serves breakfast meals as early as 2am at The Walk, there's Jollibee and KFC (on weekdays only) at I2, there's The Breakfast Club, Cho
wabungga, and Ila Puti at I1, there's Mocha Blends, Kul's, Brown Cup, IGrill, A'den Delicatessen, and Ron's Grill at Skyrise Bldgs 1 & 2 and there's also Tara's Cafe at Skyrise 3 which offers daily breakfast buffet. And of course, there are more than a few carenderias in Apas or fronting TESDA if you're looking to spend below Php30 on your meal.

My shift ends at 4AM and I don't usually stay at the office long enough to greet the sunrise but lately, I have been overstaying just so I could have breakfast with different sets of friends at a newly discovered "it" dining place.

I'm talking about Jacobo's Bistro located at Skyrise Building 3, Asiatown IT Park, directly behind Tara's Cafe. My friend Xtie and I met up for a planned activity two weeks ago and we were going to eat at KFC (the usual) however she, who visited Jacobo's for the first time the day before, insisted that I try it there, having been impressed with the food and the service. Jacobo's Bistro offers all-you-can-eat breakfast with free 1 round of iced tea or coffee for only Php100 plus 10% service charge from 7AM until 10AM everyday. (Now please don't react on the service charge; once you've visited the place, you'll understand why there's a need for it.) Jacobo's has nice interiors; it's quite small but oddly enough, it doesn't feel crowded at all. But what I primarily like about the place is the food. The dishes are well-prepared, they're tasty, and the selections are diverse. It doesn't matter whether you're the type who prefers toast or pancakes or if you're the typical Pinoy who prefers rice meals, you'll find what want in their menu. One may give a shot at eating all of their meals in one seating but I highly doubt anyone can go beyond 6 orders. I can only take 3. For first-timers, I recommend you try my top 3 favorites. (I prefer them in this order but you need not do the same)

Bangers and Egg with Potato

Crispy Pork Binagoongan with Tortang Talong

Pancake with Bacon

I might as well enjoy my visits at Jacobo's Bistro now while there's still not much competition because I know that it won't be long before people start lining up to demand for their breakfasts.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby You Can Drive My Car

As previously ranted, I am the most physically-uncoordinated person that ever walked. I'm a klutz; grace seems to elude me.

It's not one of the traits she's proud of but sadly, I take after my mother in this aspect. When I was 12, my father taught my mother how to drive. On Sundays, the entire family would go to the public school grounds and while we children played, my mother got her driving lessons from my father. I can still remember the last time my mother occupied the driver's seat of a car; they almost got into a mishap. The details are vague but if my memory serves me right, they almost ran into a kid so my mother swerved. Then she lost control and they would've fell off a ditch hadn't my father reacted fast enough. My mother swore off driving after that.

Now, I believe that what happened in your childhood influences the way you think or act in your adult life. For every time I imagine myself learning how to drive, I'd automatically think of this event and I'd lose my nerve. I would take on every reason that comes to mind just so I could put it off, scaredy cat that I am. If my best friend hadn't pushed me and nagged me into getting my SP and enrolling for lessons, the year would've ended with me none the wiser.

So how did I do? Brushing aside the occasional panic I induced on my instructors and the much-repeated "sa starting gani, kung buhi-an ang clutch unya dili nimo gas-an, mapalong jud nang sakyanan", I think I fared pretty well. I was uncharacteristically agile at following verbal instructions. I once maneuvered the steering wheel to the right using my left hand and at the same time set the gear to 1 using my right hand. I can multitask!!! It's truly unbelievable. It's empowering. This may not be much to you, but it's something I thought I'm incapable of doing. There may just be hope for me, after all.

Image from Google Images.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jabbered Onion

Jabbered Onion, Bora, Feb '09

You were
a mentor, an advisor,
a listening ear, a sounding board..

You were
diversity and open-mindedness,
intelligence and spontaneous thinking..

You were
courage and boldness..

You are
an inspiration..

You'll always have my immense respect and
belief. I know the grass is greener on the other side of the fence for you. We'll miss you!

Friday, August 14, 2009


I like to say I'm healthy. I rarely get sick. In rarely, I mean I'm unable to recall the last time I had fever or the common cold. It's that rare. I've only been admitted in the hospital once and it was when I gave birth, which made it necessary.

That being said, I was adamant to admit that my body has finally succumbed to its mortal weaknesses. Last weekend's to and fro between cities, the whirlwind of events, and the lack of sleep has taken its toll. Sudden, jerking movements made me lightheaded so I walked around like I had five heads. There's this constant pounding in my head which made concentrating difficult and I had the urge to vomit every after eating. I was arrogant enough to think that all I needed was a good night's sleep but after getting sufficient sleep and feeling no improvement, I had to acknowledge that my body needed more. I took medication, I made sure to get as much sleep as I could, and I put off doing my laundry. Already, I'm feeling better and I expect to be my usual robust self by the end of the week.

Image from Google Images.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jeepney Chronicles in Pictures: Jollibee Went to Town

A bee running wild in the streets.

Hey! Where do you think you're going?!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jeepney Chronicles in Pictures: Air Drag Me to Hell

You're right. It's an open windshield. It only gets to be closed when it's raining. My father, who I was with during the 2-hour trip from Mati to Maragusan, did not think it was worth mentioning. By the time I realized what I was about to go through, it was too late to transfer. So I put my sunnies on and braved the wind and the cold. I'm never sitting in front again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let me let go

Gloomy, cold day,
like it knows what's to happen.
Enough. Let go.
Never again,
no more you.

Image from Google Images.


Premature demise brought about by my perpetual klutziness and my awfully slow reflexes.


I hate it when this happens.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I love David Duchovny. I mean, who in her right mind wouldn't? He's got to be the sexiest and the most charming man in all of Hollywood. If those eyes were directed at me, I'd probably swoon the first few seconds and then I'd agree to whatever he wants me to do. A bit exaggerated, yes, but I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

I have just finished watching the 2nd season of his Showtime series Californication. Just like the 1st one, I found it overly lewd. This is not me being prudish. It's literally about fornication in California. Notwithstanding its being obscene, I enjoyed watching the show because it's touching, it's undeniably witty, it's very amusing, and it's got excellent soundtrack (Mamas and the Papas, Lynard Skynard, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana among others. Have I mentioned the selection's excellent?) I love Hank Moody and his mostly sarcastic remarks. I love that he adores his daughter and his daughter's mother. I love Rebecca's flat, emotionless delivery of her lines. And most of all, I love how the conversation between them goes. I am so looking forward to the next season.

Here are two of my favorite conversations.

After Hank's vasectomy,

Rebecca: How's the package?
Hank: It's not a conversation I ever wanted to have with my daughter, but thanks for asking, sweetie.

Here's a tearjerker:

Hank: I know you're pissed at me. I know your mother and I have done some pretty unforgivable shit to you and I know you're rapidly approaching that age where the very thought of having a conversation with your father makes you nauseous. But I just want you know that I'm not going to quit trying, ok? Because you're the best thing that ever happened to me and I love the shit out of you.

Rebecca (wiping off tears): How's the balls?

Hank: Boys have seen better days, thank you. (After seeing Rebecca smile) Is that a laugh? My pain is funny to you? Jesus! You're just like your mother. You should know what that woman put me through.

Featured Music

Freebird by Lynard Skynard (Episode 4 - The Raw and the Cooked)

Karen, breaking off the engagement,
Karen: Angel, I love you so, so much.
Hank: I can't stay.
Karen: I'm not asking you to.

Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana (Episode 10 - In Utero)

Hank: Hey, what's wrong? You ok?
Karen: Kurt Cobain, he's dead!
Hank: What?! What happened?
Karen: Suicide.
Hank: That's a fu*&^#$ shame.
Karen: Yeah. And I'm preganant!

Nothingman by Pearl Jam (Episode 10 - In Utero)

Excerpt from Hank's letter:
I don't know what's going on with us. And I can't tell you why you should waste a leap of faith on the likes of me. But damn, you smell good Karen, like home. And you make excellent coffee. That's got to count for something, right?

Image from Google Images.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jeepney Chronicles in Pictures: Martian Child

I was lucky enough to ride with the Martian Child of Cebu a week after seeing the movie.

Jeepney Chronicles in Pictures: Sleepyheads

Clearly, these two are in the graveyard shift.

Ye Ye Bonnel

Xtie and I were at Sbarro (SM Cebu) last Friday, wolfing down food like there was no tomorrow, when a sudden commotion outside caught our attention. This gigantic man enterred Sbarro's premises and I thought his towering stature was the reason why people gawked. He and his companion were standing to our right, not sure where to sit, not sure where he would fit, I think. I craned my neck (almost to the point of breaking) to take a good look at the man's face. Well, well, well, so this was how Bonnel Balingit looked like in person. He looked better. It's correct to say that people gawked because they were starstruck, right? I was starstruck. The man's famous especially for basketball fanatics. And if my memory serves me right, he starred in a movie and he also guested on several TV shows.

Anyway, they finally settled behind me and I thought Xtie and I were going to get away with talking about him in Bisaya. It's too bad the guy was Bisdak. I wanted to have a picture taken with him and I was prepared to stay until he finished eating to politely ask but Xtie wouldn't hear it.

I was seated facing outside so I saw how people reacted to him. Most just slowed down but there were some who stopped and talked openly. I found it embarrassing. This kind of attention may be downright flattering, especially at first, but I'm pretty sure it can get annoying and frustrating. Them famous people would just have to live with it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

We are What We

Lately, my idle time has been spent between reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and watching Season 7 of 24. Just two weeks and already adverse effects are manifesting.

Email exchanges:

: Please send me our argument on her May CHIPs so that we can have it credited on the next pay-out.

: Recent discovery of pertinent facts rendered my argument null. Cancellation of her May CHIPs pay-out shall remain as such and this shall be discussed with the agent.

Clap, clap, clap!

Here’s another one.

: Please provide action plan for: 1) Agent not clearing the previous caller's note screen and 2) Agent providing customer information instead of having the customer provide it.

: The time that elapsed between the two calls was just 18 minutes. This and the fact that the agent has an exceptionally good recollection, especially when it comes to numbers, contributed to her successfully recalling to mind the customer's information. This is not to say that she followed protocols, though.

We are what we read and what we see.

Pictures courtesy of Google Images. Artwork by Yona.


Dagger: What time is it?

JabberedOnion: It's almost 6:00 AM.

Dagger: What?! I thought it's still 4:00 AM. Time warp!

And then she laughed like it's the funniest thing ever said. We just stared.

Image courtesy of

Sunday, May 17, 2009

FRANKly Speaking

I’m not a frequenter but I could say that the number of cars parked outside The Outpost was one indication that it was going to be an unusual Saturday. Though none of the bands had started playing, already the place was packed with people who were early enough to get themselves tables to occupy and those latecomers who had to content themselves to sit on the steps leading to the place’s main entrance lest they get tired even before the gig started.

Another indication was the lineup. Would you believe that as big as Urban Dub is in the local scene, they were just one of the front acts? And here are other local biggies playing as front acts: Smooth Friction and Power Spoonz. It wouldn’t be something I’d ponder on had it been Red Hot Chili Peppers who were playing but since RHCP and not even one of them famous Pinoy Bands was the main act, I could not help but wonder just how great Frank is.

I first heard of the band from an officemate. If I remember correctly, the adjectives he used to describe them were: kuyaw kaayo, maayo kaayo and nindot kaayo. Not really enough to convince me to search for their songs in You Tube. But hearing them play last night made me understand why The Outpost was so packed with eager fans and why when it was Frank’s turn to play, the fanatics so crowded the minute stage that if you were brave enough to stand amidst them, you’d sweat profusely within minutes and you’d have difficulty breathing, or more so, moving. And since we were brave enough to get in front, we lost bodily fluids faster than we took them in and near-crazed fans pushed us from every direction. But did I care? I didn’t mind at all! Despite the heat, the thirst, the dampness of my clothes, and the not-so-pleasant odor that surrounded me, I screamed, I jumped, I danced, and I head-banged (with eyes closed and arms raised) my way throughout Frank’s performance. Quite unexpectedly, I was blown away.

Last night was one of the best gigs I’ve been to. Both the bands and the amazing crowd (who seemed to know the lyrics of every song being played!) were testaments to how great Cebu’s music scene is. UBEC rocks!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last month, I went through a personal battle and in an effort to ward off emotional demons the economy way, I bought a pirated 54-in-1 Brad Pitt movie collection in Blu-ray (just 17 full movies, actually) from one of the 2nd floor stalls of Traveler's Inn located in the notoriously perilous Carbon. **After seeing most of the movies in it (I refuse to watch Legends of the Fall), I swapped it with Sher Butter's 2009 Hot New Movies collection. I have about seen more movies than the previous two years combined. To prove that this is not an exaggeration, I will give you a list of the movies I've watched in less than three weeks' time: Contact, Interview with the Vampire, Spy Game, Snatch, Babel, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Ocean's 12, Ocean's 13, The Devil's Own, Se7en, The Fight Club, 24:Redemption, Eagle Eye, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Wanted, Juno, Dan in Real Life, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Taken, and Vantage Point. For somebody who is not a movie-goer, I say these are a lot.

While some of these were watched with only half the attention because the other half was focused on either nail cleaning or brow plucking, most were watched with an expression conveying enjoyment, and some even, with creased eyebrows and mouth ajar associated with total involvement and intense concentration. And where there's attention and/or concentration, there's also realization and/or observation, profound or not. I am sharing mine. Let me warn you though; they belong to the second category mentioned.

  • I am adding Brad Pitt to my list of deities. I used to be in the opinion that he's all good looks and no substance. I was so wrong.

  • Kevin Spacey has made it to my list of Creepiest Actors. So far, it's just him and Anthony Hopkins on that list.

  • The Fight Club and Babel are really good movies. Go watch them if you haven't yet.

  • Snatch is Pulp Fiction-ish. Benicio Del Toro is John Travolta and Brad Pitt is Bruce Willis. Pulp Fiction is, in my opinion, the better movie.

  • Benicio Del Toro looks a bit like Kevin Roy of Razorback. Here's a picture. This was taken by Kid A during the Villains Tour concert last Dec 12.

  • In Spy Game, a severely beaten Brad Pitt looked like Marc Abaya, former frontman of Sandwich and now of Kjwan.

  • I developed a certain respect for Shia LaBeouf having had seen Eagle Eye. Still, I am not watching Transformers.

  • Juno is a cool, cool movie with a great soundtrack. I'm pretty sure my parents, especially me ma (Snatch's Mickey), would react violently to it, though.

  • I am so looking forward to the new season of 24. Kiefer Sutherland is god. He is my *John Clark of the Clancy novels.

  • Lastly, I am still undecided as to whether Christian Bale is good-looking or not.

**I would have preferred traveling every weekend but that would have completely depleted my meager savings.

*I originally wrote Jack Ryan. Then I realized I like Mr. Clark better.


I thought I was a fool for no one
But oh, baby, I'm a fool for you

Muse, "Supermassive Black Hole"

This is a formal admission. I am a Twilight-er.

I go against the flow most of the time. I lose interest on something that's liked by the major population. Considering the hype surrounding Stephenie Meyer's books and the Twilight movie, my normal reaction was to be uninterested. I refused to read the books even though my sister's been bugging me to death into doing so. I did not have plans of watching the movie in the big screen either, despite my officemates' persistent invitations.

But fate has it's ways. My landlady, who's in her early sixties, has one of those 36-in-1 movie collection, which was, of course, pirated. One Sunday last December, she knocked on my door and said "Jo, kabalo ka mu-operate aning DVD player? Gusto mi mutan-aw ni tatay nimo ug Twilight unya lahi man ang mu-salida." Oh, ok. So even THEY know Twilight. I assisted them and with time to kill, I decided to watch the movie along with them just to see what the fuss is all about. The copy was bad, the color was awful, and I sometimes couldn't understand what the characters were saying because my landlady would, every now and then, give a recap of the previous scene. With that being said, I don't know why I stayed until it was time for me to start preparing fpr work. It's maybe because I was busy deciding whether Rob Pattinson was good looking or not, or, it could be because I was finding it hard to understand why Kirsten Stewart got picked for the role and so I got occupied with convincing myself that surely, there must be something to her. Nevertheless, I found myself enjoying the movie and getting "kilig". Rob looked more handsome by the minute and I decided that, yes, Kirsten was fit for the role. By the time I heard Supermassive Black Hole during the scene where the vampires played baseball, I was already a dead fish.

So here I am, done reading all five e-books (including Midnight Sun--thank goodness for e-books!) and not getting enough of the soundtrack. My favorites are Collective Soul's Tremble for my Beloved and Blue Foundation's Eyes on Fire, aside from Muse's SBH. I've seen the movie quite a few times already (not once in the big screen, hehe) and I'm a sucker for anything Twilight. I am swimming with the current this time but, hey, what can I say? I'm just a girl and that's about everything you're gonna get.

***Toilet is how we refer to Twilight at the office. By the way, my landlady was sleepy halfway through the movie. Before she entered her room, she said "Boring man na uy. Wala may action!" I wondered what "action" she wanted to see.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


"If the universe is composed of just us, it would be an awful waste of space.

"With all things equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one."

These are unforgettable lines from the movie Contact which stars Jodie Foster and one of my personal deities, Matthew McConaughey (the list includes Bono, Sting, and David Duchovny, among others). For years now, I've heard from friends how great it is but I never got around to watching it until today. The movie is thought-provoking, as how Kid A would put it. The plot is ambitious but unlike Signs, I think they pulled off a good ending.

Harboring no illusions of being a movie critic, I will end this by saying that Contact is now one of my all-time favorites and that if you haven't seen this classic yet, then it's time to go to Carbon, Colon, or wherever and buy yourself a copy.