Sunday, May 17, 2009

FRANKly Speaking

I’m not a frequenter but I could say that the number of cars parked outside The Outpost was one indication that it was going to be an unusual Saturday. Though none of the bands had started playing, already the place was packed with people who were early enough to get themselves tables to occupy and those latecomers who had to content themselves to sit on the steps leading to the place’s main entrance lest they get tired even before the gig started.

Another indication was the lineup. Would you believe that as big as Urban Dub is in the local scene, they were just one of the front acts? And here are other local biggies playing as front acts: Smooth Friction and Power Spoonz. It wouldn’t be something I’d ponder on had it been Red Hot Chili Peppers who were playing but since RHCP and not even one of them famous Pinoy Bands was the main act, I could not help but wonder just how great Frank is.

I first heard of the band from an officemate. If I remember correctly, the adjectives he used to describe them were: kuyaw kaayo, maayo kaayo and nindot kaayo. Not really enough to convince me to search for their songs in You Tube. But hearing them play last night made me understand why The Outpost was so packed with eager fans and why when it was Frank’s turn to play, the fanatics so crowded the minute stage that if you were brave enough to stand amidst them, you’d sweat profusely within minutes and you’d have difficulty breathing, or more so, moving. And since we were brave enough to get in front, we lost bodily fluids faster than we took them in and near-crazed fans pushed us from every direction. But did I care? I didn’t mind at all! Despite the heat, the thirst, the dampness of my clothes, and the not-so-pleasant odor that surrounded me, I screamed, I jumped, I danced, and I head-banged (with eyes closed and arms raised) my way throughout Frank’s performance. Quite unexpectedly, I was blown away.

Last night was one of the best gigs I’ve been to. Both the bands and the amazing crowd (who seemed to know the lyrics of every song being played!) were testaments to how great Cebu’s music scene is. UBEC rocks!


ahhgg said...

you really like it reng.
naka blog gud ka. :-)

JAbbeRedONiON said...

ako ni reng.
nabuang kadyot ang blogspot

Kid A said...

It must be all that puso, siomai, and ngohiong that produced these rabid Cebu rock fans...