Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ye Ye Bonnel

Xtie and I were at Sbarro (SM Cebu) last Friday, wolfing down food like there was no tomorrow, when a sudden commotion outside caught our attention. This gigantic man enterred Sbarro's premises and I thought his towering stature was the reason why people gawked. He and his companion were standing to our right, not sure where to sit, not sure where he would fit, I think. I craned my neck (almost to the point of breaking) to take a good look at the man's face. Well, well, well, so this was how Bonnel Balingit looked like in person. He looked better. It's correct to say that people gawked because they were starstruck, right? I was starstruck. The man's famous especially for basketball fanatics. And if my memory serves me right, he starred in a movie and he also guested on several TV shows.

Anyway, they finally settled behind me and I thought Xtie and I were going to get away with talking about him in Bisaya. It's too bad the guy was Bisdak. I wanted to have a picture taken with him and I was prepared to stay until he finished eating to politely ask but Xtie wouldn't hear it.

I was seated facing outside so I saw how people reacted to him. Most just slowed down but there were some who stopped and talked openly. I found it embarrassing. This kind of attention may be downright flattering, especially at first, but I'm pretty sure it can get annoying and frustrating. Them famous people would just have to live with it.

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