Friday, August 14, 2009


I like to say I'm healthy. I rarely get sick. In rarely, I mean I'm unable to recall the last time I had fever or the common cold. It's that rare. I've only been admitted in the hospital once and it was when I gave birth, which made it necessary.

That being said, I was adamant to admit that my body has finally succumbed to its mortal weaknesses. Last weekend's to and fro between cities, the whirlwind of events, and the lack of sleep has taken its toll. Sudden, jerking movements made me lightheaded so I walked around like I had five heads. There's this constant pounding in my head which made concentrating difficult and I had the urge to vomit every after eating. I was arrogant enough to think that all I needed was a good night's sleep but after getting sufficient sleep and feeling no improvement, I had to acknowledge that my body needed more. I took medication, I made sure to get as much sleep as I could, and I put off doing my laundry. Already, I'm feeling better and I expect to be my usual robust self by the end of the week.

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Kid A said...

Tsk tsk tsk.
Get well soon... weakling!

Jay C. said...

Ei, miss Jona Fe, what's been up? Hope you feel better now...

Yona said...

@ Jay C: What's up with you too? It's been a long time! :)
@ Jay A: You of all people do not have the right to call me a weakling..