Monday, October 5, 2009

Team RuBu: Pink October Run 2009

Team RuBu: Pink October Run '09

With all of it’s founding members (Yogi Hen, Baller Coyote, and Raymond St. John) already not connected with the company, it took almost a year for the Running Buddies to get together again and to continue the goal of making a mark in the world of fun runs. I didn’t mean that in the competitive sense, let me make myself clear. I did say fun runs, right? I'm not discounting our abilities but I'd like to think of us as avid supporters only. Although we do have colleagues who can compete with Cebu’s top runners, most of us, including yours truly, join for the fun, the cause, and the activity itself. Fun runs make for great pictures and you get to rub elbows with local celebrities plus, you get to run side-by-side with a lot of eye candies. That's fun with a capital F!

Cool singlet

Pink October Run, organized by the Philippine College of Surgeons - Cebu Eastern Visayas Chapter with the help of Rotary Club of Cebu Fuente and Cebu Gloria Maris was held yesterday with the start and finish lines at The Terraces, Ayala Center. This was the first event in a series of sports activities lined up for the month of October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

RuBu with Donna Cruz-Larrazabal

I was slightly hesitant to join due to lack of practice but Pink October Run was so worthy a cause to support. If we waste money on a pointless drinking spree which leaves us with fewer brain cells, then surely, we can spare just Php150 to support the Breast Cancer Movement. With only four days before the run, I was able to convince 13 people to join. Apparently, I haven't lost my touch. Not everyody made an appearance but 11 participants from our group (including 3 friends from Stream Global Services, formerly, Etelecare) is quite a good turnout.

RuBu with lawyer and broadcaster Heidi Acuña

Half a kilometer and we were already gasping for air due to lack of practice. But none gave up, of course. After the race, dead tired and standing on wobbly legs, we somehow found the energy to pose for pictures. That's fulfillment for you. A hundred pictures, one peach mango pie, one Julie's bread, and a bottled water after, it was unanimously agreed upon that we'll join more fun runs (and we'll make sure to do practice runs).

Cheers to pink health!


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healthy living!

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ana jud! wanggits na man gud. gasakit nag sugod akong likod. hahaha