Monday, September 29, 2008


The Tamblot's job required him to go to Siquijor and he invited me to tag along. He said it's not gonna take him long to finish the task and we could spend the rest of the time there getting to know the place. Driven by the prospect of going to Siquijor for free, of traveling to Dumaguete all on my own, and of seeing The Tamblot, I agreed even if I couldn't find somebody to swap schedules with. What the heck, it's high time I call-in anyway! There's never a better reason than to explore new territories with The Tamblot.

So I called-in sick last Sunday for the first time ever in my career history. I was already in Siquijor when I informed my manager that I couldn't work because I wasn't feeling well. I told him I was in Talisay, Cebu attending to a family emergency that's why I didn't get to sleep the whole day.

You little liar, m
y conscience said, but I paid no heed. I was hell bent on making most of the little time I have away from the pressures of work.


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

if it makes you happy...why not?

Kid A said...

so where's my voodoo doll from siquijor? voodoo child wants a voodoo doll!!!

Dhon said...