Monday, September 29, 2008


Yogi Hen is the one person in the office who shares the same taste in music as me. He's the only one who shares my passion for Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Radiohead, Beck, and U2. (You can bet he's the only one who knows all of them too!) Considering that, it's only natural that we share music downloads. Just last week, I traded Rico Blanco's Your Universe and Pearl Jam's Live at Benaroya Hall for Jack Johnson's 5 albums, Pedicab, and some Explosions in the Sky.

Explosions, what? That was how I reacted when Yogi Hen first ranted about the band. He made me promise I'd listen to the album and I jokingly told him I'd even make a review if he wanted one. Well, I did listen to the songs and I'm mighty glad I did. Missing out a classic such as this would have been tragic.

When I heard the first track playing, I immediately thought that the band's name was very appropriate. Well, saying that they're explosive is quite an understatement, actually. They're mind-blowing! Makes you want to stop whatever it is you're doing, however important it may be and just close you eyes and focus all your attention to them. Easily the perfect background for cozy and relaxing nights.

The last time I reacted this way was when I first heard Beck's Sea Change. It's amazing how easily Explosions in the Sky entered the list of my favorite bands.

As I'd normally say when something pleases me, "Panalo!".


Kid A said...

Explosions In The Sky?.... Hmmmm.... Share naman dyan!

I'm looking out for new bands to admire as most of my idols are either dead or dying. said...

hi! thanks for following my blog. love your writing. maybe you could contribute to in6words, too. hope you don't mind but i'll be following your blog, too. cheers!=)

Yona said...

That's because you're such an old school, Mudboy!

Of course, I'll share it to you. :)

Yona said...

Hi In6Words! Thanks for reading my posts.

Please expect a contribution from me anytime soon. :)