Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anak ng Pasil

Pasil's notorious reputation gives me the creeps. Yesterday, however, I found myself volunteering to accompany Big J to buy ingredients for our October Feast. I couldn't bear letting her go there on her own especially since she's been mugged in Colon just recently.

Pasil's fish market is definitely not the place to be for the unwary and the sleep-deprived. The stench was overwhelming. Chaos ruled. I struggled to maintain a clear mind as we walked around looking for the things we needed.

As Big J was busy deciding on what fish to buy, I was also busy observing various fish vendors conducting their businesses. I couldn't help but be emotional as I stared at them.

My Pa used to be a fish vendor that's why I have a soft spot for them. Unlike the ones you find inside a wet market though, Pa was a mobile fish vendor. He went around from place to place asking people to buy from the buckets he carried.

I cannot imagine how hard those two years must be for my father. Thinking of all his sacrifices makes me love him all the more. He will always be a source of inspiration and I'll always be proud to tell the story of how he was able to provide for his family.

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JAbbeRed ONiON said...

i've been to pasil but it didn't feel like anything you felt. i don't know or maybe i was just too sleepy at that time.

by the way, Big J is such an appropriate alias for our friend. hahahaha. nakatawa ko!