Monday, November 24, 2008

Jam Master Yogi Hen

The first thing I did upon waking up on Sunday was cry. Nope, I wasn't on "quarter-life crisis" mode. It was because I received this SMS from Yogi Hen:

Thanks pud kaayo, parekoy! Because of our common interests, you made my PS life more homely. Padayon ta sa atong mga trip ha. Mingawon jud ko nimo. Pangitaun kaayo ang sama nimo. Way binuang ni.

Now, this is one message I'll be saving forever!

I'll miss you too, Parekoy! Your ways are inspiring. You are most admired. I'll always remember you with great fondness. Thank you for the memories!

I'll see you on the 30th!


I took this photo during the after-party at YO.U. Paduy was taking a break then. Thanks, Oslec! :)


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

wow. so heart warming. makes me miss henrey too. but let's not be sad about it so much. we know we'll see him around. as long as we're friends, the connection is there. can't blame you though the message was just really "tagos" to the kina-ibutaran of the heart. char!

Fox said...

ehem... did i miss sumthin' mommy bing? is dadi henz leaving? grabeh nmn ur message, so0o0o touching... ;)

Fox said...

wahehehhe... sayop! abi nq blog ni Momi Bing... babe Jona ever mn diay ni.... Hi Jon... wrong number... hehehe

Yona said...

Shoot! Kaw diay ni Minnie??!! Hehehe! Welcome sa akong blog! Enjoy! =D

Yona said...
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