Monday, November 3, 2008

To the Faithful Departed

My favorite pair has finally surrendered to the dark force. There will be no remedy this time. I will let her rest. I'm just hoping that I can find another one as pretty, as loyal, and as durable.


J3nY$p@rKs said...

My condolence sayo yona... wahehehehe its high time for you to let go and buy or find a new one that applies as well to your love life... Grabeh ang connection noh ang deep... Lab yah muchhhhh

JAbbeRed ONiON said...

wow finnjeer, ang lalim mo. hanep!
in time for all souls kaayo ang pagpanaw sa imo favorite slippers reng.

Dhon said...

condolence sa iyo yona! pero a piece of advise there is peace in acceptance!

Kid A said...

Never did like that pair much. Peace! =)