Monday, October 6, 2008


September was a good month. I spent a week with my family and I got to visit a new place. Aside from these, September also marked my first-ever minor PC operation.

When I got back from my week-long homecoming, the first thing I did after putting my bags down was to turn on my PC. I was excited to view the pictures we took. I had plans of resizing them that night so I could post them online right away. To my sheer disappointment though, I heard three long and agonizing screams coming from the CPU. That time of the month again, eh?

Every two months or so, I'd hear these screams and cleaning up the CPU has proven to be the cure. I even bought special tools from Handyman just for this task. Despite being tired from travel, I screwed open the CPU and freed the inside of dust. It didn't work. That's OK, I thought. It happened before. I'm just going to clean it up again when I'm well-rested.

I cleaned the CPU again and again but still I hear the screams. Oh-oh. After the third clean-up, I was already in panic mode. I swallowed my pride and sought the advice of my techie friend Kid A. He said: Try removing the RAM chip and installing it back again. And because he knows I have no idea what a RAM chip looked like, he added: It's the one that looks like a wafer and there could be one or two of them. (Do you now understand why I waited that long to ask for his help?)

Kid A has proven yet again that age does bring forth wisdom. Hahaha!

It worked! Now I know exactly what to do the next time I hear those painful screams.

The procedure was exhilarating! So, this must be how doctors feel after every successful operation.


Kid A said...

But it does look like a wafer, di ba?!

Am always at your service! Tech support 24/7. With a bit of sarcasm thrown in, free of charge. Hehehe

Dhon said...

thats life!!!!!
at least your computer is doing okey na.. mine at the office is still color blue!