Monday, October 20, 2008

Pork Chop Thursdays

What: Pork Chop with Pesto Butter Sauce Day

When: Thursday Production, 12:00 AM MNL (technically Friday morning)

Where: Brown Cup, Skyrise Bldg. 1, Asiatown IT Park

Who: Dhon Crackling, Jabbered Onion, Sher Butter, Yona (The Gang)
Guests are welcome. Just please make sure your tasks are covered.

If you happen to come by Brown Cup on the first hour of Friday mornings, you'd most likely see four (or more) people talking and laughing as if they own not just the place but the entire building. That's us having barkada lunch and enjoying the best hour of the entire work week. It's the time wherein we share ideas and talk about events, work, the people we work with (chismis!), and each other's love life. We never fail to find wholesome things to laugh at and it's fun and very relaxing.

Pork Chop Thursday is something we always look forward to each week because more than great conversation and good food, it's a celebration of friendship.


Dhon said...

Check! i can't wait for Pork chop Thursday!!

JAbbeRed ONiON said...

i say char to this!!! hahaha. yey, mag thursday nasad.