Friday, October 10, 2008

Simple Pleasures

October 8 was so great a day that it could have been my birthday. Let me tell you why.

I got to finally watch the first episode of the fourth season. What a relief! The suspense was a killer!

I had a sumptuous dinner at Krua Thai with friends courtesy of Birthday Boy Kid A.

I received an SMS from The Tamblot in which he asked: "Would you like to go to Bora?" (Are you kidding me?!) I replied: "Weee! Sure! When?" There was no way I could hide my excitement.

In6Words posted my contribution. Go check it out!

Firewall was down. Freedom from bondage that's SurfControl! Non-work-related websites what?

Ahhh... The simple joys of living..


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

i think you were happiest when you received the invite. tag-anan noh?

Yona said...

Hahaha! Na-feel nimo ang happiness just by looking at Yona the Frog? Hehehe.. Bitaw, siyempre eh. =D

Dhon said...

as a friend! i also felt your joy on that day, parang iba ka YONA!
i am so happy for you! liki! bora ha!